Replacing traditional ingredients has never been so easy

Together we create the future of food


Accelerate your current corporate strategy to reduce emissions related to ingredients by at least half


Gain market share by improving customer perception in terms of sustainability & health


Reduce the time to market & decrease the development costs for insect based products

Making cost reduction rhyme with quality improvement

Don’t chose between quality and price, pick Entowise.

Endless opportunities for food creation!
– Healthy & highly functional ingredients
– 100% Water soluble
– Taste neutral
– Color neutral

We work with you to find the most sustainable, healthy and cost effective insect-based ingredients that respond to YOUR needs.

The Entowise® Ingredient Discovery Tool powered by AI help you recreate the exact product you are looking for, but better

With this data discovery technology we work fast and deliver tailor made solutions.

Looking for a real CO2 emissions reduction? It’s happening over here.

Lower your CO2 emissions by up to 95% (compared with existing alternatives) with approach and technology. Provide the end consumer with healthier product by using highly digestible ingredients that are 100% Natural.

Be the first one to make a real large step toward the ecological transition, the whole world’s watching!

Be the first to make a genuine large step toward the ecological transition, the whole world’s watching!

  Improve your production processes

 Reduce the use of colorants and additives

  Respond to clean label strategy by decreasing your ingredient list

Trusted, certified and Sibö approved!

Working with Novel Food Ingredients like insects can be a challenge, at Sibö, we make this challenge a piece of cake

As the middle man, we scout insects manufacturers and offer assistance on:

  Novel Food and regulations guidance

  Finding the right partners for your project

  Capacity and volumes requirements

Easy right? Collaborate with insects manufacturers to create together the future of food that the end consumer is asking for.

Application development support

Bring your ecological transition and product quality to a brand new level with the right development support from our team & our strong technology.

Sibö’s co-development strategy resonates with long lasting partnerships and valuable information sharing.

We make sure that adding insects in your product is the easiest thing you ever had to do!

  Access to our database

  Finding the right partners

 Partnership and information sharing

Be bold enough to offer what the end consumer is asking for!