Unlocking the potential of insects as biomaterials and functional ingredients to create the future of food.

Our vision is to make insect-based ingredients & biomaterials accessible to every food company and end-consumer around the world.


Once upon a time in Costa Rica..

Sibö is a biotechnology company founded in 2021 by Alejandro Ortega & Daniela Arias in The Hague, Netherlands. Growing up in Costa Rica, nature was by far the most important thing around us, and the only thing that made sense. Realizing 5 years ago that the same food was now killing the planet and our loved ones, we packed our bags and left our beautiful country, family, and amazing weather to be the change the world needs.

We now develop strong technologies enabling the isolation of healthy ingredients, and biomaterials from insects.Today, we play a key role in the protein transition, working hard to bridge the gap between insects and food.

With the use of data science and machine learning we understand billions of protein structures to accelerate development of the industry, and unlock the full potential of insects. We will discover new biomaterials and ingredients from all over 2000 species of edible insects.

Insect proteins are the most viable solution on the planet as they are:

 the most efficient
  the healthiest
  the most sustainable

Ultimately, we have the purpose to unify the efforts of all insect manufacturers
around the world, and connecting them with food companies.

“I am a dreamer but I am not the only one, we are a team of passionate professionals with international perspectives and multidisciplinary backgrounds that share one common goal, creating a company that will change the status quo forever . We are a bold team that has and will continue to defy the odds for people like us.”

- Daniela & Alejandro


Natural, transparent & safe for you
and the environment!

Sustainability is at the heart of the company’s creation and philosophy.

We want a transparent, accessible and sustainable source of alimentation for all, that everyone will understand. No more harming ingredients or biomaterials that no one understands while damaging our ecosystem.

For these reasons we work hard on understanding the power of natural ingredients and unlocking it in the safest way possible.

Our commitment

The Sustainable Development Goals are at the core of the Sibö’s creation and development: technology with
a purpose

   We respond to “Zero Hunger” by enabling food companies to produce healthier products accessible to many.

   “Responsible consumption and production” by using a 100% circular process, we enable the use of the whole insect.

   We commit to Zero use of harsh chemicals, recycled water at all processes and full circular process policy. All of this will lead to a carbon positive operation by 2030.

   With our ecosystem development strategy, we give access to technology for everyone, generate jobs, promote inclusivity, and increase revenue.

   The use of our protein correspond to a 95% reduction of CO2eq/100 grams of protein when compared to milk protein.


Less C02 emissions


Less land used


Less water used


Electricity used for farming

Let’s make insects the present of food!