The Future of Sustainable and Profitable Agriculture

Introducing Insect Farming As the global population continues to grow and resources become scarce, the need for sustainable and efficient food production methods has become more pressing than ever. Enter insect farming, a game-changing solution that offers a host of benefits for farmers, the environment, and consumers. Insects are a highly nutritious food source that […]

Forward Accelerator and Sibo

It is a pleasure to announce that Sibo is working with the Forward Accelerator program located in Birmingham, to develop a new solution the company has been working on, and that we hope to launch in the future. This program seeks startups with the ambition to grow their business through the midlands-based community. This support […]

Sibö B.V. Announces Closing of Seed Round Financing

The Hague, Zuid-Holland, August 30, 2021 – Sibö B.V. has successfully completed its €250.000 seed round of financing with a combination of private capital from 2 private investors and an innovation loan from Rabobank. Sibö’s potential with the insect-based protein extract as well as its proprietary bio-component separation process, has been recognised by this 3 […]

How edible insects can lead us to a more sustainable future

In 2013, The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) launched a program to encourage insect breeding and consumption, as they (and many others) strongly believe that small six-legged bugs can be the solutions for some of the main global issues humans will face in the next years. If you wonder why, here are the four […]

FoodTech500: Sibö among the best 500 companies

Sibö at the foodtech500

A few months ago, we told you that Sibö had been selected for the FoodTech500. It’s one of the companies in the world that has the greatest impact on food tech. Now, the final list has already been released. And Sibö got an incredible position among the best food tech and biotech companies. FoodTech500 Forward […]

Sibo is going to get in the ring

Get in the ring Sibo

Sibo will get in the ring next October 27 and 29 at the Get in the Ring The Netherlands – Impact competition. For this event, Dutch impact startups in the food, water and energy domains were challenged to rise to the occasion of meeting the growing needs of population within the planets’ limited means. The […]

Sibo at the Annual Investment Meeting 2020 digital edition

Annual Investment Meeting (AIM)

Sibo Inc has been invited to participate in the Annual Investment Meeting digital edition (AIM Digital) this October. Under the theme “Reimagining Economies: The Move Towards a Digital, Sustainable and Resilient Future”, this event, in its virtual edition, is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to share knowledge and enhance access to global markets. The Annual […]

The Purpose of Innovation


It was at the beginning of 1900 when Thomas John Watson ( who served as chairman and CEO of IBM) used for the first time the slogan “THINK”. This particular and short slogan that searched for innovation has transcend through time and made all the next entrepreneurs wonder what he meant. This idea of thinking […]

World Environment Day

World Environment Day

Every June 5 since 1974 the United Nations has set the world environment day to create awareness and to give the importance that the nature deserves on times where it seems that everything is going worse and worse. These years celebration is about the environment and we would like to define it as the interaction […]

Unexpected Innovation

Unexpected Innovation

Innovation is defined as the introduction of something completely (or partially) new; a product, a service, a new business or even aptitudes, something that is different from whatever is established. Nowadays this concept turns out to be more important than what we expected; people searching new ways to do a job, companies struggling to implement […]