How edible insects can lead us to a more sustainable future

In 2013, The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) launched a program to encourage insect breeding and consumption, as they (and many others) strongly believe that small six-legged bugs can be the solutions for some of the main global issues humans will face in the next years. If you wonder why, here are the four […]

The Purpose of Innovation


It was at the beginning of 1900 when Thomas John Watson ( who served as chairman and CEO of IBM) used for the first time the slogan “THINK”. This particular and short slogan that searched for innovation has transcend through time and made all the next entrepreneurs wonder what he meant. This idea of thinking […]

World Environment Day

World Environment Day

Every June 5 since 1974 the United Nations has set the world environment day to create awareness and to give the importance that the nature deserves on times where it seems that everything is going worse and worse. These years celebration is about the environment and we would like to define it as the interaction […]

Unexpected Innovation

Unexpected Innovation

Innovation is defined as the introduction of something completely (or partially) new; a product, a service, a new business or even aptitudes, something that is different from whatever is established. Nowadays this concept turns out to be more important than what we expected; people searching new ways to do a job, companies struggling to implement […]

How SIBO applies ethical sourcing

Ethical sourcing

Since the beginning, one main pillar for Sibo has been sustainability applied to all we do, how we do it and making sure we are consistent with the values of team, but we can only achieve this by doing it from the very first steps of the process, that’s where ethical sourcing comes in. Cric […]

Invest With Purpose

Invest with Purpose: This crisis presents us with an opportunity to build a more resilient society and transform our food system by investing with purpose. At Sibo we are aiming to change the current reality of the food industry, but to tell you why that is important please continue reading this blog written by AgFunder. […]