The perfect ingredients exists
and they are Entowise®

Now take a deep breathe and let us show you why.

What is Entowise® ?

Entowise is the trademark we created to increase the trust and quality in the food industry.  The Entowise® trademark facilitates your choice when it comes to buying new food.

Future generations need to be fed sustainable and nutritious food. For this reason we are putting all our efforts into producing the most revolutionary technology of the insect industry.

If it is Entowise, you can be sure that the product will be good for you & for the environment!

Why do we need Entowise® today?

With an expected population of more than 10 billion people by 2050, water stress by 2025 for more than 50% of the world’s population we can not continue alimenting the meat industry responsible for more than 30% of total GHG and water usage.

At Sibö we create the future of food NOW because we need to make a change right now.

You deserve clean, heathly & efficient ingredients
and we are working on it!

To grow our hairs, nails and skin, our body needs to be fed with proper proteins, nutrients, vitamins and minerals, these will later be transformed into energy.

They can be found prior in meat or dairy and in some extend in a plant based diet.

Unfortunately these options are not sustainable or digestible for everyone (hello dairy intolerance).

Although our body needs it how can we do to meet both sustainability and efficiency in our diet?

That is when Insects come and save the World…

No but for real..

Insects tick all the boxes

Substainability? Check! ✅

0 electricity needed to farm

100x less water 

25x less land used

130x less CO2 emissions

Kg of feed compared to mass gain ? 1,7kg for a cricket 10kg for beef

3x times more protein per kg

Nutrition? Double check!

Crickets have a 80% edibility rate compared to chicken & pork 55% or beef 40%.

Protein content
Crickets 63%
Chicken 32%
Beef 27,6%
Eggs 12,5%
Chickpeas 8,4%

9 essential amino acids (not present in a plant based diet)
Vitamins B12

You dream about finding Entowise® sustainable and nutritious solutions everywhere?
You can make it happen!

With Entowise we are creating a movement to show the world that
we are ready for acting against climate change NOW!

Join the movement!


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