FoodTech500: Sibö among the best 500 companies

A few months ago, we told you that Sibö had been selected for the FoodTech500. It’s one of the companies in the world that has the greatest impact on food tech. Now, the final list has already been released. And Sibö got an incredible position among the best food tech and biotech companies.


Forward Fooding continues with its purpose of showcasing the talent of global startups at the intersection between food, technology and sustainability. Their goal is to discover companies that have the potential to transform the food industry as we know it. And become the household names of tomorrow. They believe that AgriFoodTech is the means to find how technology can be used to improve efficiency and sustainability in the way food is produced and consumed.

That’s why they have developed the FoodTech500, a list that shows companies that are building and expanding AgriFoodTech businesses. Also, addressing the rapid need for change across the entire food ecosystem. In this edition, Sibo was selected as one of the 500 companies on the list. This is very important for the company. Even more so, obtaining position 252, since it shows the efforts that the company has made in a time full of difficulties.

A year full of challenges

For Sibo, 2020 was a year of great challenges, but one that was nevertheless full of great opportunities. This recognition means a lot to the company because it demonstrates the skills and capabilities of the entire team. Also, the effort and dedication that went into making it through a year that was marked by a pandemic like never before seen. Furthermore, this recognition verifies Sibo’s business model and the incredible potential of its brands, CRIC®, Bbite® that were also selected for the list.

This motivates the team to continue working to find sustainable biotech solutions. And lead the food industry to a more sustainable future. But it’s also a step further to be the purpose of innovation.


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