How SIBO applies ethical sourcing

Since the beginning, one main pillar for Sibo has been sustainability applied to all we do, how we do it and making sure we are consistent with the values of team, but we can only achieve this by doing it from the very first steps of the process, that’s where ethical sourcing comes in.

Cric ethical sourcing

As you know Sibo is divided in 3 main divisions to tackle the problems of each sector of the food industry and its supply chain from different perspectives.  At first we created CRIC – Costa Rica Insect Company with the purpose of having our own part of the sourcing and lead the way in insect raw materials innovation and research. So we decided to start in Costa Rica in our own and some time ago we had the dream to involve farmers into this supply chain, to make it part of our culture and to keep the values that define the culture of our country and the company.


Sibö is the name of the primary deity in the Talamancan mythology of Costa Rica. He is the hero who taught people what foods are safe to eat, how to plant crops, and set down the rules of society regarding use the natural resources.


These values are a part of all departments in the company, taking place in all the team members’ hearts. That’s the reason why CRIC started the National Farmer Program in Costa Rica to search and support the ethical sourcing of its own insects with the support of farmers from the most vulnerable sectors of society, who would be trained to work with us and are socially and environmentally responsible. But for a program to work as well as a supply chain, you need several actors that believe in this values and this is where we found BID Lab, UNED, Fundecooperación and Impact Hub San José to create a national agreement which is in development.

This program will have the goal to increase the breeding of crickets initially, to help the resiliency from the unemployment  and the lack of opportunities in this areas, and diversify the insect production while using upcycling and a circular economy practices in this communities. Currently, this is the first project that CRIC operates but the projections look great to expand to other countries like Brazil, Mexico and even more, we are wide open to new opportunities and would love for any partners to come work with us to make it an international program.

SIbo Actions

But Sibo also needs a source of supply that can fill all the expectations and guidelines that define us as a company aware of what we are doing and how we are helping the world to be better. So to be consistent we are partnering with logistics companies, that are trying to reduce their impact, we have set in place impact KPI to measure our logistics footprint and each step of our production.

We encourage actions like this because it’s aware there is no an easy path to achieve the goal to be sustainable and innovative. It comes from the little actions that everyone can do every day, to the small changes that can make a big difference. Ethical sourcing is just the beginning of the process of getting materials for products that must be applied by every new company that searches a sustainable way of business.

At Sibo, been socially and environmentally conscious it will always be part of the purpose of innovation, from our website server to our insect production, and from the raw material processing to the final consumers table we make sure that what you are eating is saving you and saving the planet, and now the next step is to make sure your company gets our solutions and we can work together for a better world with better products.


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Forward Accelerator and Sibo

It is a pleasure to announce that Sibo is working with the Forward Accelerator program located in Birmingham, to develop a new solution the company