Making your dream to see insects in food come true.

It is time to bridge the gap between
insect & food


Access to food manufacturers and increase revenues by improving the value added of your products


Increase margins by optimizing current processes, efficiency and quality


Reduce time to market, diversify products and gain new clients

Product quality improvement is what we do best, for you!

Optimize your ingredient processes and products quality to meet food corporates requests in the most sustainable & safest way thanks to the Entowise® Clean Technology.

Accelerate your product market fit and benefit from the most efficient technology for insect ingredients creation without spending years and money in R&D.

By unlocking the full potential of your product you can drastically reduce waste, improve efficiency with cost allocation and reduce processing costs, while increasing their quality.

The Entowise® Clean Technology is a proprietary technology that allows the isolation of insect bioactive components from any insect species into fats, protein and chitosan.

The Biorefinery of insect bioactive components is done using green chemistry and natural enzymes, making our technology the most efficient, scalable and sustainable on the market.

Process improvement

Improving your process can considerably reduce your cost and increasing your margins but also give you more time to think about what is important to you.

With years of research and knowledge acquired, we work along with you to improve the efficiency of your process.

What we can provide you

  Boost your access to the food industry by optimizing your process

   Make your product meet the food requirements

  Improve the quality of your existing products

Forget about the standards and regulations

At Sibö we understand that complying with the standards is not an easy task. That’s why we are here to help you comply with the regulations and advise you on the best way to go. Notably, we are familiar with European norms and Novel Food regulations.

Attain new markets and develop new revenue sources to develop and grow faster without feeling overwhelmed by paperwork

Accelerate your market entry

  Be trusted by future partners who recognize our technology

  Gain time and market opportunities

Create new efficient products but faster!

We accompany you in the development of new products by evaluating your needs and developing together the best solution thanks to our machine learning powered tool the Entowise® Ingredient Discovery.

Develop new product thanks to our technology powered by machine learning algorithms, that helps us make accurate predictions and efficient ingredient & biomaterial developments

– Endless applications

– Endless insect species

It’s a real game changer. There is no stopping us no matter the insect species you are working with!

  Create endless product applications

  Speed up your development process

  Benefit from a top technology in term of insect product development

Ready to see bugs-food on shelves ? 

Because we are!