Welcome Innovators!

Let’s bridge the gap between insects and food


New market opportunities,
lesser time

We collaborate with startups and scale ups by analyzing your existing product and improving them to their fullest potential. Additionally, we help you develop new products through our patent technology enabling you lesser R&D time and faster market entry.


Qualified and certified players just like you

Sibö has for purpose to bridge the gap between the food industry and insects. Therefore, we identified qualified players through a sourcing process that we open to our partners. By being part of a new platform you have access to a large selection of players from the insect and food industry.


Need a new partner?
It’s a match!

Looking for the right partner is an exhausting and long process that we wish to relive for you.

We help you match the right partner according to your needs. Working closely with our team of experts in the insect sector, you will equally benefit from a large variety of knowledge acquired over the past 3 years of R&D.

Let’s work together to improve our way of consuming food!