Sibo is going to get in the ring

Sibo will get in the ring next October 27 and 29 at the Get in the Ring The Netherlands – Impact competition. For this event, Dutch impact startups in the food, water and energy domains were challenged to rise to the occasion of meeting the growing needs of population within the planets’ limited means.

The Get in the Ring Foundation is a non-profit organization that connects startups to resources such as capital, talent and expertise that help them in growing their company. The foundation is active in 80 countries around the world and works together with leaders of entrepreneurship ecosystems around the world. Get in the Ring is known for its unique pitching format where two startups literally face off against each other in the ring.

To support startups from all corners of the world in scaling, they work with cities and corporates in various locations to provide business opportunities across many different themes, such as AI, Impact and Workforce Technologies.

Get in the ring competition is the opportunity for startups to scale. In one environment, all the tools a startup needs to expand and gain exposure. Investors, mentors, corporates, etc.

This occasion will be participating amazing Dutch startups, focused on creating solutions in the areas of food, water and energy. All will be facing each other in the ring, in view of great actors, institutions and investors, with the aim of winning the competition and taking the prize. Sibo will be one of these startups that will step into the ring to fight for victory.

But it is not only a great chance to compete, but also to demonstrate all the solutions that Sibo offers as a company to all those attending the event. This provides a great opportunity to generate new alliances and build relationships with potential partners and investors. One more step to continue creating solutions and continue being the purpose of innovation.

Stay tuned to the networks and do not miss the updates on this competition.


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