The Entowise Biorefinery Process

Next Gen’ Biomaterial Extraction Process

Business case

Where it all started..

We began an insect farming program in Costa Rica helping women & families in rural areas to generate a safe income source.


The first thing we realized with insect farming was that the powder was not efficient enough. With this powder, we were losing usability, nutrition, and health benefits, it was too thick and could not be added easily to other products.


The second thing we stumble upon was the fact that insect were viewed as locked in a box labeled “gross, not good enough, not for humans, just for feed”.


Revealing insect’s potential

Biorefinery unlocks insect's potential thanks to ancient knowledge paired with today's technology. It creates wise and efficient biomaterials that respects the environment.


The Entowise Biorefinery is a green chemical process which separates bioactive components from insects.


It is a water based process that uses natural proprietary catalyzers to isolate those components.


The result ? Functional, healthy & sustainable ingredients that can be used as food ingredients and even cosmetic applications.

-Water soluble protein in the middle of the process.

Ingredients obtained after isolation

Soluble Protein




Entowise™ Technology

Entowise™ technology optimises the process of insect companies to meet the needs of food companies, and deliver a better product for the end consumer that increases health and sustainability.

Key benefits

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