The Entowise Discovery Tool

Bringing insect discovery to a new level


We’ve discovered a new way to produce food

According to the United Nations, there are over 2000 edible insect species in the world and still, only 4 species are approved and mostly studied by European and North American research. Indeed, very little is known about insects today but we know they can save the world.

That is why we are developing a complex technology that reveals their true abilities to tackle environmental challenges, solving the discovery gap between the remaining +1996 insect species.

The Entowise Discovery tool is a technology powered by artificial intelligence that, along with our expertise, permits us to recreate a large number of food ingredients and biomaterials. With this innovation, we unlock the potential of insects, and tailor made products to our consumers’ needs.
We combine our expertise with artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide solutions that have not yet been discovered. Our technology gives our clients and partners the possibility to access new market opportunities in ways that no one has before.

Why is it better than other technology?



Reduce 100 hours of research


Delivers Target applications

Reduce 200 hours of development time

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