The Purpose of Innovation

It was at the beginning of 1900 when Thomas John Watson ( who served as chairman and CEO of IBM) used for the first time the slogan “THINK”. This particular and short slogan that searched for innovation has transcend through time and made all the next entrepreneurs wonder what he meant.

This idea of thinking started a new wave of business that empowers people with goals far ahead of their time where the ideas that are more than just money makers can be the next step for humanity. From that list, one of the main businessmen that resonated in modern times is Steve Jobs and its company: Apple.

Back in the 90s (1997) Steve showed to the world his new slogan “Think Different” when it was trying to convince people to buy the Macintosh instead of the computer of IBM. This move includes all of the products that apple was selling at that time and it was clear that with this slogan it was making a statement about why is not enough just to think; humanity has to go a little farther in order to advance and become whatever it wants to be, just like taking a decision of buying at apple.

As time goes by and this two companies develop, the simple idea of thinking has taken another meaning for every person when it comes to giving solutions to the world. The fast advance in the technology and the way of life of every person has change the difficulty of giving solution because nowadays either are too many solutions or there is a person that is also working before of you.

Our purpose

At Sibo, one of the main bases of every goal and vision is to think not only in the immediate moment but far ahead. For the company, this means the purpose of innovation; taking all the goals of the company and its vision and translate it into actions that will have a common purpose: the sustainable future.

Nowadays is not enough just to think, whether it is for a small company, taking the decision of drinking a coffee or just choosing the right words in a conversation; the human being must see the purpose behind all of his decisions. This purpose will resonate in the future not only for the person who is taking the decision but for the people who is also affected by it.

As a company, the importance of this affect every department and by giving sustainable solutions to the world either in the foodtech, biotech, agritech or in biomaterials, Sibo is working hard to give solutions that are needed and will have repercussions that give value not only to the client but to the earth.

The future requires an expansion of the solutions that are already on the table and this are not easy in any aspect but the company is preparing itself and working in order to find those solutions are a necessity, those that are implicit in the purpose of innovation.

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