Unexpected Innovation

Innovation is defined as the introduction of something completely (or partially) new; a product, a service, a new business or even aptitudes, something that is different from whatever is established.

Nowadays this concept turns out to be more important than what we expected; people searching new ways to do a job, companies struggling to implement the remote work, people working hard in order to maintain their job and companies searching how to give value in his work with a pandemic going on.


Sibo process of innovation always start with an idea and the goal that we want to make by achieving that idea; that is why we focused on “The purpose of innovation”. These ideas met the strategic innovation where the company not only search something new, it must be an idea  that look for goodness in the final product for humanity, something needed for everyone. These strategies maintain all the team motivated by using the right strategy tools and keeping the head on the ultimate goal: unexpected innovation.


Despite of everything, the current industry and economy may have some low points where it looks like a bad environment to innovate but Sibo don’t focus on that, the company focus on being the one out of box, taking the unsafe choice and trusting its values from the start . Today everyone can see that the vision was right; humanity needs more innovation in his life, not only on products or services but in the day to day tasks.

What is coming

Sibo’s new steps are been worked in order to bring the solutions as fast as we can to satisfy the necessities that the world is living. There is no easy path on this but as days go by and the people adapts to whatever is coming, so the company does and that is what keep us motivated for the new challenges that are coming; whether its Costa Rica Insect Company, Bbite or Entowise.

The future holds new things for everyone but humanity has always moved forward despite the situation or condition, and this is not a coincidence, there will be always a way to move if we do more than just thinking, that is not enough, we have to think in the purpose of innovation.

Want to know more about how Sibo Innovates? Go visit http://sibo.tech/invest-with-purpose


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