World Environment Day

Every June 5 since 1974 the United Nations has set the world environment day to create awareness and to give the importance that the nature deserves on times where it seems that everything is going worse and worse. These years celebration is about the environment and we would like to define it as the interaction between the living and not living beings in the nature.


Since the beginning of times humanity has benefit from the nature either by hunting animals that can be eaten or by the simple fact of getting oxygen from the trees. The evolution of this relationship has become more beneficial for the human being than for the nature itself, even when the benefits are mostly from it.

The importance of this year celebration; environment, its not a coincidence, in fact we can see with the spreading of the virus that people depends too much in the evolution of nature in order to survive in a healthy way.


As it is mentioned before, biodiversity includes lots of terms, animals, plants, and elements that must work together to accomplish his goal and with a little change in their system, everything can work different than it should.

History has proved that the relationship between human beings and biodiversity has be problematic from the fact that aggressive agriculture, industries with bad treatment of their gases or even the deforestation has affected all the biodiversity in a way that nowadays is dramatic.

The demand has increased so much that the United Nations indicates that it would take 1.6 earths just to satisfy the needs of today’s population.


Celebrations like world environment day should get an important place in our minds because of what they mean for the future, not as individuals but as people that can be better every day. Days like today exemplifies why is important to search new ways and more sustainable ways of living, and search always the purpose of innovation.

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