Bridging the gap between insects and food

Your healthy biomaterials are waiting!
Insects answer the question of developing a sustainable solution that works for you. We use biotechnology and data science to bridge the gap between traditional production systems and insect manufacturers worldwide.

Sibö challenges the status quo from traditional production systems, instead of producing the bio materials and ingredients ourselves, we license our technology and unify the efforts of insect manufacturers worldwide to leverage the power of a decentralized supply chain.

Together, let’s bridge the gap between insects and food

Insects are an incredible source of proteins, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and even biopolymers.

Insect companies

By unlocking their full potential using our unique isolation technology we enable insect companies to convert any insect into highly functional macromolecules that improve their value proposition to the market, while also reducing the processing costs and time. 

We also help food manufacturers solve their biggest challenges to reduce CO2 emissions and replace traditional ingredients for better materials, by reducing risk, time and effort to find the right materials, the best product applications and structuring their supply chain.

Uniqueness and value

Insects are at the intersection of health and sustainability and by leveraging our unique isolation technology we are able to use them wisely and provide the food industry with ingredients that reduce CO2 emission by 95% (vs current ingredients) and that are 100% digestible and 100% natural.

Make the most out of your production with the Entowise green, chemical free process.

Isolate key macromolecules from insects such as proteins, fatty acids, and chitin.

Chemical free & Natural


Cost effective

Proprietary & Protected


Easier to digest than dairy

Richer nutritional profile than plant-based

Easy incorporation

What motivates us?

Our vision is that anyone in the world should have access to healthy, sustainable and affordable insect based materials.

By providing access to insects we reduce CO2 emissions, promote better health and nutrition for all while enabling a fair and sustainable development. 

We build a greener and fair future for all!

Our partners

Insects are the future,
but we make it the present too!